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Hi Rib Lath

Materials: Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet
Size:: As per your request
Feature: Quick install, Save time, Better Anti-stress capability and forming flexibility

Hi-rib lath (High Ribbed Lath/High Ribbed Formwork) :

* Achieves significant reductions in the concrete pressure normally associated with conventional formwork.
* It can be installed quicker than plywood or steel formwork.
* It can be placed before rod reinforcement which is then installed by piercing through the mesh area.
* Eliminating preparation of the joint surface.
* Allowing a high rate of rise of concrete.
* Enables the pour to be visually monitored.
* Reducing the risk of voids and honeycombing.
* Save time - it is left in place so formwork stripping is eliminated - only the supports are removed.
* Hy-Rib can be supported by existing or extra reinforcement. The whole structure can be left in the concrete which eliminates the placing and removal of temporary supports.
* No need to clean, reface and oil formwork.


It is mostly used as concrete permanent dismantle free template for civil engineering such as tunnel, bridge, raft-style foundation, sewer system, subways, retaining wall, nuclear power station, docks, storing tanks, skyscrapers, ocean engineering and irregular or curved shapes. Because its meshes and U patterns, it has better anti-stress capability and forming flexibility than normal metal lath.

Hi-rib lath
Model Thickness
Rib Height
Rib Distance
LR-021 0.21 18 450 89 2200,2500,3000
LR-023 0.23 18 450
LR-030 0.30 18 450
LR-035 0.35 18 450
LR-040 0.40 18 450
LR-045 0.45 18 450
LR-050 0.50 18 450