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Stucco Netting

Materials: Quality mild steel wire
Process: Woven by high quality iron wire
Feature: Uniform mesh hole, Smooth and flat mesh surface, Standard size, Cheaper cost, Fatest delivery

 Self-Furring Stucco Netting:

* Hot dipped galvanized wire
* Electro galvanized wire

With Our Stucco Netting, Contractors Save Time and Money:

*Ease of installation reduces labor costs

*Uniform mesh holer( exact 1inch)
*Fastest Production speed
*Cheaper cost
*Red markings every 6"
*Highly visible True Spec fastening guideliness
*Rolls out flat with limited kickback
*Well-defined furring crimp
*Hexagonal opening with reverse twist
*Maintains furring integrity
*Minimal waste
*Reduces vertical lap
*Virtually eliminate cold joints

*Minimizes Plaster Waste

* Optimizes material cost
*Saves labor time
*Minimizes cracking
*Provides for a quality finish

Self-Furring Stucco Netting
Wire Gauge Opening size Roll width Roll length
Inch Inch Ft
17ga 1-1/2 37-1/2 150
17ga 1-1/2 36 100
20ga 1 36 150